Pskovskaia ikona 13 – 16 vekov (Pskov Icons of the 13th to the 16th c.). Irina Rodnikova.

Pskovskaia ikona 13 – 16 vekov (Pskov Icons of the 13th to the 16th c.)

St. Petersburg: Avrora, 2007. Sewn cl. The Pskovian school of icon-painting has long been recognized as an artistic phenomen in its own right. Having the good fortune to escape Tatar-Mongol devastation, Old Pskov, like Novgorod, carefully preserved its artistic traditions through the centuries. Pskov icons painted in keeping with ancient Greek prototypes are profoundly philosophic and poetic. They combine an intense spirituality of the images, as revealed by the contemplative expression of the saints’ eyes, with original iconography and a rare pictorial temperament. The distinctive features of the Pskovian school are most clearly demonstrated by the icons of the late fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, which occupy a special place in the treasure trove of early Russian art. Also noteworthy are sixteenth-century icons which bear witness to a deep-rooted continuity in the work of medieval Pskov painters. Published here are the most important restored icons which were attributed to the Pskovian school on the basis of their provenance, material and stylistic features, as well as historical records. In addition, there are some works whose artistic qualities, subject matter and history speak in favor of their assignment to the circle of Pskovian icon-painting. They come from the Pskov Museum, the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage, the Andrei Rublev Museum of Early Russian Art, and the Historical Museum. The curator of the Pskov Museum has selected the works and written the text and catalogue. 128 pp., 10 x 12 ins., 117 color and 11 b/w illus., , Rus. Item #3813

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