Moskovskaia ikona 14 – 17 vekov (Moscow Icons of the 14th to the 17th c.)

St. Petersburg: Avrora, 2008. Sewn cl. Formed in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the Moscow school of icon-painting is celebrated as the alma mater of such geniuses as Andrei Rublev and Dionysius. Rublev is credited for heralding a new period in the history of Moscow icon-painting. In his work he was able to fuse together the thirteenth- and fourteenth-century artistic legacy of the central Russian principalities, particularly that of Rostov the Great, and the time-honored traditions of Byzantine masters including Theophanes the Greek. His best-known masterpiece, The Old Testament Trinity – a tribute to St Sergius of Radonezh, was widely imitated. The late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries saw the creative activities of Dionysius who dominated Moscow’s artistic scene, leaving a large number of pupils and followers. Published here are chiefly icons of great artistic and historical interest. 112 pp., 10 x 12 ins., 2 b-and-w illus., 116 color, cl., Rus. Item #3814

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