Sredniaia Aziia, Moskva, Ierusalim v tvorchestve evreiskikh khudozhnikov (Central Asia, Moscow and Jerusalem in the works of Jewish artists)

Moscow: Muzei Vostoka, 2008. Sewn pb. Paintings centered in great cities and legendary places inspired the artists whose works from the 1920s to the early 21st century are published in this catalog of an exhibition of the Museum of the Orient (Muzei Vostoka, State Museum of the Art of the Peoples of Asia), The museum’s paintings and drawings of Central Asian sights together with works set in Jerusalem and Moscow from the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Tretyakov Gallery, and several private collections reveal parallels and contrasts. By choosing place as a unifying theme and looking specifically at Jewish-Russian artists the curators achieve a new vantage point. Several plates for each artist and an introduction and commentary to his or her work strengthen the catalogue as a scholarly reference. 121 p., 27 cm, approx. 100 color illus., Rus. Item #3925
ISBN: 9789659027538

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